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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsGeneral Detailing Questions & Concerns

Q: Why detail my vehicle?

A: Regularly washing & detailing your vehicle by an experienced detailer using professional equipment and supplies is a WISE INVESTMENT. Having your vehicle routinely washed & cleaned will enhance, protect and prolong the life & beauty of your vehicle. When performed by our Pure Reflections professionals, detailing keeps your vehicle looking newer, longer. And maintains the Pride of Ownership. This, in turn, increases your vehicle’s value, which is a MUST if you ever plan to sell it. A large portion of our clients choose to have their car, truck, boat or RV detailed when they are selling it for one simple reason: you will get more in return! A buyer of a used vehicle will pay more for a vehicle that is well maintained vs. a vehicle that looks neglected. It also helps you sell your vehicle quicker. A Pure Reflections detailing will perfect your vehicle to showroom quality.

Enjoy the thrill and pure exhilaration of driving a shiny clean vehicle! Your Reflection Is Our Business!


Q: What is the difference between a “wash” vs “detail”?

A: Many people think a detail is just a really good cleaning, but it is actually much more than just a wash. A car wash is like brushing your teeth, while a car detailing is like going to the dentist to get a deep cleaning with protective fluoride treatment.

And just like your teeth, your vehicle needs regularly scheduled cleanings to stay at its very best!

Your vehicle is subjected daily to harmful elements including sun, dirt, pollen, sand, tree sap, bird droppings, bugs, tar, sea air, etc. While washing your vehicle helps remove most of this debris, small contaminants adhere to the paint over time, and deposits can form on the surface of your vehicle’s metal as it oxidizes. Worse, every time you merely wash a vehicle, its finish can wear, leaving swirl marks and surface scratches over time. A professional exterior detail deep cleans the vehicle’s surface, removing all the contaminants, and restoring its finish, extending the life of your vehicle’s exterior. And while most car washes usually end with a quick dry, a full exterior detailing service finishes with a spot-free hand dry, followed by polishing and buffing all of your vehicle’s chrome, glass and trim and finally dressing the tires to a brilliant shine.

In addition to washing the exterior, a full detail will typically include a thorough interior detail as well, deep cleaning your vehicle’s upholstery, leather and vinyl. This service usually includes stain and odor removal, leaving your vehicle smelling fresh and clean. A Pure Reflections detailing helps protect your vehicle from wear & tear, keeping it looking newer, longer.


Q: Why should I use a professional detailer when my local car wash offers detailing for less?

A: Often, local car washes improperly use the term “detailing” for a basic car wash. But a professional detail consists of a thorough hand wash & dry, cleaning both the exterior and interior with premium polishes and protections, using only the best equipment.

Many car wash services simply cover the dirt with cheap, greasy solvents that can damage your vehicle’s paint and finish. Automatic car washes can actually scratch and damage your vehicle, doing more harm than good. The bristles and brushes used in car washes collect dirt and debris from each dirty vehicle that passes through it, leaving scratches, swirl marks, streaks and spots. Additionally, vehicles with wider wheel bases or lower profiles may experience scrapes on their rims or undercarriage. Our superior detailing will keep your vehicle safe from scratches and swirl marks, leaving your vehicle with a spotless finish and showroom shine!


Q: What is a “mobile” detailing?

A: Pure Reflections is a fully-equipped MOBILE detailing service. This means we come to you! Whenever! Wherever! At your convenience. Home or business. We take care of your vehicle at your home or office. No need to drive to a car wash or sit around and wait. Just schedule your appointment. We’ll take care of the rest! You don’t need to do anything other than hand us the keys. We supply our own equipment and use only the best chemical products. We have several Detail Packages & Extra Services available that will fit any household budget and cater to your vehicle’s specific needs.


Q: What is your service area?

A: Pure Reflections offers mobile detailing service in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, Orange Park, St Augustine & surrounding areas within 25 miles of our home office. If you aren’t sure if you are located in our service area, just CALL US AT 1-904-518-0452 TODAY!


Q: Will you really come to my office?

A: Absolutely. Pure Reflections will come to your place of work or office. All that we require is some space around your vehicle so that we can comfortably carry out our auto detailing work.


Q: How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

A: Your vehicle should have a thorough exterior & interior detail every three to four months (more frequently if you typically park your vehicle outside or live/work near the beach).

Pure Reflections offers a wide variety of FULL Detail Packages that will fit any household budget and cater to your vehicle’s specific needs. For proper maintenance in-between full details, we recommend scheduling one of our ExPress Detail Packages or a few of Pure Reflections à La Carte Services once or twice a month to help keep your vehicle looking showroom new year round.


Q: When is the best time to detail my automobile?

A: There is no fixed time for this. It depends on various factors like how you use your vehicle and how clean you keep it. However, as a rule of thumb, we recommend a thorough vehicle detailing at least THREE times per year as follows:

  • LATE WINTER/EARLY SPRING: To prepare your vehicle for the summer sun/heat and clean off all the winter contaminants.
  • MID SUMMER: To protect your vehicle during the year’s most intensive heat and summer UV rays.
  • FALL: To prepare your vehicle for the cold and wet, rainy winter Florida season.

This detail schedule will help extend the life of your vehicle’s exterior & interior. Whether you’re looking to clean your vehicle on a budget or you want superior detailing that brings back your vehicle’s showroom finish, we have you covered.


Q: How do I know when my vehicle needs to be detailed?

A: Your vehicle’s paintwork should remain smooth without scratches, swirls or contaminants for several months. When you notice that the paint is dull or has some of these imperfections such as scratches, swirls or contaminants, then you know it is time to schedule a detailing.

You should also take care of your vehicle’s carpet if it is stained or filled with sand, dirt or debris. Stains left for too long are difficult to remove. If you notice that your vehicle’s interior plastic, vinyl, leather or upholstery is dirty, dusty or cracking, then it’s time for them to be cleaned and conditioned.


Q: How can I keep my vehicle looking good between details?

A: Frequent and proper washing is the most important preventive maintenance for your vehicle’s appearance. Its exterior should be washed once every 1 – 2 months (although we strongly recommend washing it once or twice monthly), more frequently if it your vehicle is typically parked outdoors or if you live/work near the beach. You will find many suitable options  available in Pure Reflections à La Carte Detail Services or you could choose one of our affordable ExPress Detail Packages.


Q: How important is it to frequently wash my vehicle?

A: Regular washes prevent environmental contaminants from adhering to your vehicle’s surface. Don’t let Florida’s sunny disposition fool you. It’s weather can be brutal on your vehicle. Rainwater leaves a layer of film on your vehicle. A few days of rain will actually stain the paint, leaving your vehicle with a dull, rough surface. Additionally, rust forms when moisture and oxygen combine on metal. Rain and sea salt accelerate that process because it corrodes your vehicle’s surface.

Other harmful elements like bird droppings, bugs, mud, grime, road tar, pollen and tree sap should be washed off as quickly as possible. The longer these contaminants are allowed to remain on the paint, the more damage and problems they can create. Just schedule your Pure Reflections Detailing appointment. We’ll take care of the rest of the details!


Q: If my vehicle still looks shiny, does it still need to be cleaned?

A: Cleaning is not the same as detailing. And a shiny car does not necessarily mean a clean car. Detailing removes oxidation and bonded contamination caused by exposure to the elements. Your vehicle’s paint can appear shiny on the surface, but still be quite dirty. The best method of inspection is by using your hands, not your eyes. Feel the paint with your finger tips. Is it smooth like silk or do your fingers drag on the rough, bumpy surface? Detailing removes all of the rough surface contamination without damaging your vehicle’s paint or wearing its clear coat finish.


Q: Do I have to detail my brand NEW vehicle?

A: Of course! Even new vehicles need to be detailed, especially since most auto dealerships don’t usually wax new vehicles, nor do they treat and protect your leather interior. Waxing your vehicle and treating the leather are both vital AND necessary for the prolonged life of your new vehicle. Many of our clients schedule a detail immediately after leaving the auto dealership.


Q: Should I detail my leased vehicle?

A: YES! The better maintained your vehicle is, the better trade VALUE you get on your vehicle. Detailing also minimizes any end of lease charges you may otherwise incur when leasing a vehicle.


Detail Services

Q: Do you detail other vehicles or just autos?

A: Cars, vans, campers, RVs, motorcycles & MORE! We detail it all. We even detail boats, jet skis and other PWCs (personal water crafts). And since we are a mobile detailing service we come to you. Home, office or marina. Visit our PureSpa – AQUA, XS & XXL for more details. Click Here


Q: Why detail my boat or Jet Skis?

A: Routine washing and detailing help to prevent environmental contaminants from adhering to your boat or water craft’s surface. Water leaves a layer of film on your finish, which will stain the paint, leaving a dull, rough surface. Additionally, rust forms when moisture & oxygen combine on metal. Water and sea salt accelerate that process corroding the surface.

Other harmful elements like bird droppings, bugs, grime and sand should be rinsed off as quickly as possible. The longer these contaminants are allowed to remain on the paint, the more damage and problems they can create. Check out our PureSpa AQUA Detailing pricing & packages for more information.


Q: Do you service fleet vehicles or offer multi-vehicle discounts?

A: We sure do. We offer multi vehicle, car lot discounts & fleet work and would be happy to design a program to meet your specific fleet requirements. Call us at (904) 518-0452 for quotes & pricing. NOTE: All estimates by Pure Reflections Detailing Technicians are good for 30 days.


Q: I have a few stickers and decals on my vehicle I want removed. Can you help?

A: Yes! We will remove or install stickers/decals. Call (904) 518-0452 for a quote.


Q: Could the hand wash scratch my vehicle?

A: At Pure Reflections Detailing we use only premium scratch-free soft wash cloths and microfiber chamois cloth towels. We also wash your car using the two-bucket wash method w/ grit guard to minimize scratches on your paint. And most importantly, Pure Reflections uses only the best cleaning products for your vehicle  to thoroughly clean, but not damage your paint job.


Q: How does my vehicle end up with scratches?

A: Most scratches are caused by car washes. In fact, machine car washes often do more harm than good. Some of the automated car-wash systems can damage your paint job because they frequently don’t use enough water or because the cleaning brushes have too much dirt or debris stuck on them. Imagine what could happen to your vehicle if someone who went mudding with their Monster truck goes through the car wash before you drive through with your BMW a few minutes later? Additionally, many car washes, especially touch-free washes, use heavy soap detergents that can damage your vehicle’s finish. Although these detergents may clean your vehicle well, they will also strip off the paint protection. This leaves your automobile vulnerable to scratching and fading. Pure Reflections uses only the best cleaning products for your vehicle.

Other environmental contaminants, such as tar & road debris can also scratch and damage your vehicle. Carefully removing them by hand washing will help prevent further damage and scratches. Properly drying your vehicle will also help avoid scratches. That is why Pure Reflections hand washes all vehicles with a soft cloth and uses microfiber chamois cloth to dry your vehicle. Ensuring a smooth & glossy shine. Your Reflection Is Our Business!


Q: What are the best products for detailing?

A: Many products are specifically used for detailing. Engine degreaser is used for detailing the engine by removing stubborn dirt and grime. If your engine has chrome, chrome polishes are useful in bringing back its shine. Rubber and vinyl protectors are essential for covering and protecting your engine’s rubber hoses. Protectants are also applied to the plastic splash guards, inner fender and all vinyl or plastic trims with to prevent cracking, corrosion and fading. Special polish is used for headlights, chrome and metal. Bug & Tar Removal is used to remove bugs, grime & road tar. Tire dressing is applied to your tires to improve their luster and protect from cracking or corrosion. Carnauba wax or polymer paint sealant helps protect your paint & finish. We recommend using only ammonia-free products on bumpers, windows, windshields, headlights, mirrors, plastics, chrome, grilles and painted surfaces. For your vehicle’s interior, we recommend using Fabric Scotchgard™ Treatment for all carpets & all upholstery to protect your vehicle’s interior from getting stained and prematurely worn. Leather/Vinyl cleaner & conditioner is applied to clean all leather, plastic and vinyl seats and interior trim to prevent cracks and restore the leather.

Pure Reflections uses only the best cleaning products on your vehicle.


Q: Is dish soap okay for washing cars?

A: NO WAY! Dish soaps are for dishes. Most dish-washing soaps aren’t pH balanced and can strip the wax off of your vehicle. Powder detergents are also NOT recommended and can leave residue & streak marks on your paint when washed off. Its granules are abrasive and will scratch your vehicle’s surface.

As automobile detailing starts with using the right cleaning agents to remove stubborn dirt and grime, the kind of soap used does matter. The soap used should be pH balanced and fortified with optical brighteners that clean dirt and adds shine to your vehicle without removing the wax or fading the paint.

That is why Pure Reflections uses only the best cleaning products for your vehicle to thoroughly clean, but not damage your paint job. Ensuring a smooth & glossy shine. Your Reflection Is Our Business!


Q: Which auto detailing chemicals should be avoided?

A: In addition to dish soap & laundry detergents that are too rough for your finish, there are several other chemicals that are best avoided. Avoid using ammonia-based glass cleaners. They can leave marks on your windscreen & windows. While many companies still use kerosene to remove asphalt and other stubborn substances, it is better avoiding them. There are many specially made detailing chemicals that take good care of your vehicle. Pure Reflections uses only high-grade cleaning products for your vehicle.


Q; How often should I have my air vents cleaned?

A: A thorough cleaning of all air vents with compressed air & detail brushes is recommended every 1 – 2 months — more often if you notice they are looking dusty. Special OFFER! Air vent cleaning is now featured on our à La Carte Services for just $9!


Q: What is “buffing”?

A: Buffing is performed by polishing, color brightening & rejuvenating your paint finish. Buffing removes oxidation and light scratches caused from years exposure to the elements, leaving a brighter, glossy finish.

This is a MUST for luxury vehicles & sports cars and for restoring classics. Your exterior should be buffed on a routine basis for proper auto maintenance. Speak with your professional detailing technician about creating a Buffing schedule designed specifically for your vehicle and budget. Our Buffing Services start at $179.


Q: Can you buff out all my vehicle’s scratches?

A: The fingernail test is the easiest way to determine if we can treat scratches. If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, we most probably won’t be able to buff it out. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do if the paint is gone.


Q: When should I have my vehicle buffed?

A: Your exterior should be buffed on a routine basis for proper auto maintenance. Speak with your professional detailing technician about creating a buffing schedule designed specifically for your vehicle and household budget.


Q: How often should  should I use bug & tar removal on my vehicle?

A: Once a month for moderate to heavy drivers. More frequently if your vehicle is usually parked outside or if you do a lot of night-time or highway driving..


Q: What is a “claybar” treatment?

A: Claybar Overspray Treatment (AKA “Auto Detailing Clay”) is a petroleum resin product containing mild abrasives that break down and REMOVE any embedded surface contamination on the vehicle’s paint, glass, chrome and plastic that regular car washing does not remove. Examples of bonded contamination and pollutants are industrial fallout or pollution, bird droppings, brake or rail dust, bug guts, corrosion, grime, pollen, salt, sand, tree sap and tar that gets embedded in the paint and leaves a gritty and rough surface. The claybar polishes away all the dirt and surface contamination without ever touching the actual surface of your paint. Prior to use, your vehicle is washed & dried to remove a majority of contamination. Sometimes the contamination removed is not always visible on the paint to the naked eye.

When not used properly, a claybar can cause surface marring. There’s no need to be alarmed. Our detailing professionals are very experienced and knowledgeable and will gently clay your vehicle with care, leaving its surface smooth as glass. After all, Your Reflection Is Our Business!


Q: My vehicle is new. When should I schedule my first claybar treatment?

A: IMMEDIATELY! Your new car more than likely was transported to your local dealership via ship, truck or rail. During its travels it will have picked up quite a bit of contamination along the way, like rail dust from the wheels and tracks and salt from the sea air. Most auto dealerships don’t usually clay new vehicles upon delivery. Claying your new vehicle will remove any debris from its surface, prolonging the life of your vehicle. Many of our clients schedule a Claybar Treatment while leaving the auto dealership. This service is featured in our à La Carte Services starting at just $129. It is also included in our NEW FRESH START Detailing Package.


Q: How often should I claybar my vehicle?

A: There is no set schedule that works for all vehicles. Where you live, where your vehicle is typically parked and how often you wash it are a few factors to consider. The good news is that you can help determine when you need to clay your vehicle. As a general guideline, we recommend Claybar Treatment for your vehicle three to four times a year to keep your vehicle’s finish shiny & smooth. Just schedule your Pure Reflections Detailing appointment. We’ll take care of the rest!


Q: What is a “clear coat”?

A: Newer vehicles today are finishes with a paint primer, a color base paint coating and a protective clear coat finish. Clear coats are the clear paints applied over the vehicle’s base coating, which contains the vehicle’s color. This outer clear coat finish provides UV protection, which helps prevent dulling caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays and fading out the base paint’s color.


Q: How do I know if my vehicle has a clear coat finish?

A: Most modern vehicles today have clear coats. An easy way to tell is by looking at the cloth when applying a polish. If you see color on the cloth, then the paint is most likely not clear coat finished. If there is no color on the polishing rag, then there probably is a clear coat finish.


Q: What is a “compound”?

A: A compound is something that very quickly cuts or levels a vehicle’s painted surface. They contain abrasives that, under the pressure of your hand on top of a towel or the pressure of a rotating buffer pad, remove the paint surface. They remove oxidation, scratches and heavy spots with a faster cut than most polishes. Pure Reflections uses only the best compound products for your vehicle. The heavy swirls created by compounds can be buffed out with a polishing, giving your vehicle and high-gloss finish. Your Reflection Is Our Business!


Q: What does it mean to “dress” the tires?

A: This is when a tire dressing product is applied to your vehicle’s tires to make them look shiny, clean and new. Not only does this help improve their luster, it protects the tires from cracking or corrosion.

Your tires should be Cleaned & Dressed at least once a month. Hand Finished Wheels are included in most of our Detail Packages and featured on our à La Carte Services for just $19.


Q: Why should I have my engine detailed? 

A: Next to your paint, your engine is one of the most expensive parts of your vehicles. It may even be the reason you bought the vehicle to begin with.

There are several reasons why detailing your engine is essential. The most important reason is for preventative maintenance. Often times your engine compartment collects debris such as leaves, sand, pine needles and dirt causing the drain holes to clog. This makes it more likely that your vehicle may develop a water leak over time. Additionally, engine oil attracts dust that can clog your air filter over time. A clean engine is a better running engine. You may also have an oil leak and if your engine is professionally detailed, it will make it easier for your mechanic to find and repair any leaks.

Another very important reason to have your engine cleaned and regularly maintained is the fact that rodents like to live inside your vehicle especially during the colder weather. Rats and mice have been known to crawl inside your engine compartment from underneath the car and build nests, chew on wire bundles, fan belts and insulation or defecate while inside. This may cause an awful smell that filter through your air vents.

If you notice any of this happening, we recommend scheduling an engine detail immediately before any more damage happens to your vehicle’s engine.

Our Engine Detailing Services will help preserve your engine, as well as enhance, protect and prolong the life of your vehicle. Several of our Detail Packages include engine detailing services. You can also get your engine degreased & detailed as one of our à La Carte Services.


Q: What is the difference between an “engine degreasing” and an “engine detail”?

A: An engine degreasing removes stubborn dirt & grime from the engine’s fluid containers and engine hoses.

While an engine detail includes a full engine degreasing, as well as cleaning and dressing your vehicle’s engine bay. The engine bay is misted with water, cleaned with an appropriate degreaser and then rinsed. When dry, a dressing is properly applied to plastic, silicone and rubber parts to protect from cracking. If your engine has chrome, the chrome is polished to bring back its shine.


Q: How often should I have my engine detailed?

A: We recommend having your our engine compartment detailed annually


Q: What is “headlight restoration”?

A: Headlight restoration revives your vehicle’s headlights to better-than-new condition. Most modern vehicle headlights are coated with an acrylic layer that is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Overtime, this layer becomes yellow from oxidation and poses serious safety risks, especially during night driving or during inclement weather. Headlight oxidation and scratches can affect more than just the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, it can block up to 60% illumination and prove hazardous in severe weather conditions and night-time driving. Are your headlights faded, dull or yellowed? Then you may want to restore them back to new before looking to replace them. We use a four-step sanding process (2 dry / 2 wet), high-speed buff with compound, if needed, and finish with a buff & polish.

While Headlight Restoration is not included in any of our detail packages, it is a critical part of auto detailing and routine maintenance and will save you money by decreasing the time between replacing your headlights. You should have your headlights restored as needed when your headlights appear faded, dull or yellowed. GREAT NEWS! Our Headlight Restoration Service is ON SALE NOW for just $59!


Q: What is the difference between “headlight restoration” and “headlight detailing”?

A: Headlight restoration is a much more thorough deep cleaning using a comprehensive four-step sanding process (2 dry / 2 wet), followed with a high-speed buff with compound, if needed, and finished with a buff & polish. While headlight restoration requires a great deal more time and special equipment, headlight detailing uses old fashion elbow grease to polish the headlights & taillights. Following the polish, the headlights are treated with a plastic sealant. and finished with applying protectants to all vinyl or plastic trims with to prevent cracking and fading.


Q: What is “paint correction”?

A: Paint correction is the process of removing all paint defects on the vehicle’s body to restore the paint into a better than new state. Common paint defects are swirls, oxidation & scratches, UV damage from the sun and random isolated deep scratches (RIDS).

These paint defects are usually the result of improper washing or detailing, automatic car washes, poor use of machine buffers or neglected bonded contaminants like bird droppings, corrosion, tree sap and bug splatter. All these defects can be permanently removed by compounding and polishing the paint to give your car a high gloss finish & mirror-like shine.


Q: Why use paint sealer?

A: Do you want your paint to be protected for up to six months? Then you don’t want a regular car wax; you want a polymer paint sealant. Paint sealant not only protects your paint from fine scratches, but it will leave your car looking shiny & new for UP TO SIX MONTHS! Pure Reflections uses a three-step process to clean, correct and protect your delicate paint surface. We first clean your vehicle by thoroughly hand washing & drying the vehicle to remove all dirt & grime. Then using a claybar, we remove all contaminants from your vehicle’s surface like metal particles, dirt, industrial fallout and tar in the clear coat. If required, the paint is then polished to remove any fine scratches or swirl marks on the paint layer before waxing to seal and protect the paint, and to add some shine to it. Polish, color brighten and rejuvenate your paint’s finish and prevent rock chips and minor impact damage. While Paint Sealant is not included in any of our detail packages, it is a MUST for luxury vehicles & sports cars and for restoring classics. It should be re-applied every 6 months.


Q: Why does my vehicle’s paint finish fade?

A: Your car’s paint is designed to reflect light, which creates a brilliant shine. UV light affects paint and the way visible light is reflected. Exposure to the elements and oxidation will damage it’s finish causing it to stain, spot or dull the finish.


Q: How do I prevent my vehicle’s paint from fading?

A: If your car is washed routinely and typically parked indoors the paint should should last for several years since there would be minimal oxidation or element damage. We recommend weekly washing with a product designed for washing cars and regular waxing with a carnauba wax and full paint polishing every four to six months with a good quality polish.


Q: Do you offer pet hair removal?

A: Yes! We remove even the most stubborn pet hair as needed. Pet hair treatment is offered as one of our à La Carte Services starting at just $19!


Q: What is the difference between a “polishing” and “waxing”?

A: “Polishing” is meant to remove any minor surface contaminants like scratches, imperfections, spotting and oxidation. Polishing is performed by using abrasives & chemical cleaners to flatten or level the surface. For example, the clear coat scratch stands out from its surroundings as it reflects light from its edges. It is possible to reduce the amount of light the scratch reflects by polishing & smoothing out or leveling the edges.

“Waxing” on the other hand, enhances & protects a polished surface. It prevents airborne pollutants, road film and other contaminants from adhering to the surface, thus preventing any possible long term damage.


Q: What is the difference between a “wax” and “sealant”?

A: “Wax” is made from a combination of natural carnauba wax from the Brazilian palm tree and other natural & synthetic polymers. They give your paint optimal depth & shine that is otherwise difficult to achieve.

A paint “sealant” is similar to wax, but is a synthetic blend of polymers made by chemists.

Both waxes & sealants help to improve the look of your vehicle and protect it from elements like acid rain, bird droppings, bug guts, corrosion, grime, road salt, tar, tree sap and UV rays. Pure Reflections uses only the best wax & sealant products for your vehicle.

Wax used to be the standard, but using a polymer based sealant instead offers a stronger and longer lasting protection for your vehicle. Pure Reflections uses highest grade sealants that contain non-polymer molecules that bond to your paints surface. Typical car wax lasts about a month or 2 – 3 washes, where as a high-grade sealant can last up to 10 times longer.


Q: Why do I need to wax my vehicle?

A: Wax is a protective coating that is applied onto a vehicle’s exterior to help protect your vehicle  and keep it looking shiny & new. Applied with a high-speed buffer, our wax cleans off dirt, minerals & light oxidation. Time is allowed to dry before being wiped off, creating a protective layer for the vehicle’s paint & clear coat.

Not waxing will leave your vehicle looking dull and the clear coat vulnerable to accelerated wear. Wax not only gives the paint a nice gloss, it will also defend the paint against scratches.


Q: How often should I wax my vehicle?

A: We recommend waxing your vehicle three to four times a year. If your car is usually parked in a garage or otherwise sheltered from the elements, waxing it twice a year after a full detail should be enough to protect the paint’s finish. However, if your car is frequently exposed to rain, sand or you live or work near the beach or it is typically parked outdoors, it should be waxed every three months.


Q: How often should my windshield be treated with Rain‑X®?

A: Your Windshield should be treated 3 – 4 times  year — more frequently for moderate to heavy drivers, as well as for vehicles typically parked outside, before a road trip or storm. Your Rain‑X® treatment typically lasts about 3 months depending on weather and environmental conditions.


Q: Do you remove odors and stains?

A: Of course! We eliminate odors & stains as needed. Our Pure signature odor treatment will remove even hard-to-eliminate odors. Leaving your vehicle smelling fresh & clean. All carpet and cloth upholstery stains are deep cleaned using a spot & stain remover for hard-to-remove stubborn stains, such as blood, chocolate, coffee/tea, dirt/mud, grease/oil, ink, juice, pet stains, vomit, wine, etc. Odor Treatment is featured on our à La Carte Services starting at $19, and spot cleaning starts at just $9 a spot! (Add $10 – $20 for hard-to-remove stains.)


Q: Do you clean under the seats?

A: Yes! We clean under the seats, in the cup holders, between small cracks, vents and even in places you don’t see. We clean everything to make sure your interior is in the best possible condition!

Plus, we empty ashtrays and clean ALL mirrors (this includes visor mirrors and even baby seat mirrors!) using glass cleaner free of alcohol and ammonia. Your Reflection Is Our Business!


Appointment Policies, Pricing & Payment

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: We currently accept cash, check, PayPal and ALL major credit & debit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover).


Q: What are the different price ranges for each detailing package?

A: Our Detail Packages increase in price based upon services provided according to the type/size of each vehicle as follows:

  • Small: Compact Cars & Coupes (2-Doors)
  • Medium: Full-Sized/Standard Cars & Sedans (4-Doors) • Small Trucks (1-Row)
  • Large: Large Trucks • Small SUVs (2-Rows)
  • X-Large: Large SUVs (3-Rows) • Mini Vans

NOTE: Extra fees may apply due to the size/condition of your vehicle and any additional requirements to complete the service. See TERMS & CONDITIONS for more information.


Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Pure Reflections Detailing operates 7 days a week, 7AM to 7PM, by appointment only.


Q: How long does a detailing usually take?

A: It varies between vehicle size, condition, packages and services. Our full detailing services or a vehicle that requires extra attention or multiple stages of polishing may take longer. A specific estimate can be provided the day of your appointment. We are a high quality, low volume detailing service. In other words, we schedule only a few clients a day in order to give your vehicle the extra attention it needs.


Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: You can book online or CALL US AT 1-904-518-0452 TODAY!


Q: How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?

A: In most cases we require 24-hours notice for an appointment. We tend to get busier during the warmer months, so calling more than 24 hours in advance is always recommended. In cases of an emergency, and depending on our scheduling, we may be able to accommodate same-day service; however, additional surcharges may be applied.


Q: What do I need to do prior to my appointment?

A: The only thing we ask is that you remove all valuables from inside your vehicle, including the glove box, center console and trunk if we are completing an interior or complete detail. This includes wallets, purses, credit cards, cell phones, etc. Pure Reflections Detailing will not be responsible for any valuables left inside the vehicle.

Also, please be sure to let your detaling professional know of any problem spots, both mechanically and cosmetically. This will help us note any areas that you would like us to focus on or be aware of any areas that require extra caution while servicing.


Q: Should I take out my baby seats?

A: No. Leave any baby seats in your vehicle, but unbuckle the seats. Just Schedule Your Detailing Service. Pure Reflections will take care of the rest!


Q: What happens if I need to reschedule my appointment?

A: Appointments may be rescheduled with at least 12 hours of notice free of charge. If you fail to provide advance notification, there will be an additional fee of $25 for rescheduling an appointment up to one hour prior to your scheduled appointment. Failing to provide notice or rescheduling an appointment within an hour of your scheduled appointment will be considered a “cancellation” and all applicable Cancellation Penalties will apply.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: ALL cancellations (other than weather related) must be made with a minimum of 24-hour notice to avoid  any Cancellation Penalties. Upon request, we will you send you a reminder via email or text message for your appointment the day before, plus a second notification message one hour prior to your appointment.

A $50 Cancellation Penalty will apply when failing to cancel an appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Additionally, the following Cancellation Surcharges may apply:

  • First cancellation — No surcharge
  • Second cancellation — 10% surcharge of previous scheduled job, plus next appointment must be prepaid via credit card
  • Third cancellation — 25% surcharge of previous scheduled job, plus next appointment must be prepaid via credit card
  • Fourth cancellation — 50% surcharge of previous scheduled job, plus next appointment must be prepaid via credit card


Q: How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

A: You may cancel or reschedule your appointment by CALLING US AT 1-904-518-0452.

REMINDER: Appointments must be rescheduled with at least 12-hours notice to avoid penalties.If you fail to provide advance notification, there will be an additional fee of $25 for rescheduling an appointment. Failing to provide notice or rescheduling an appointment within an hour of your scheduled appointment will be considered a “cancellation” and all applicable Cancellation Penalties will apply. At least 24 hours is required to cancel an appointment to avoid incurring any Cancellation Penalties & Fees.


Q: What happens if I forget my appointment or I forget to cancel my appointment?

A: Forgetting to cancel your scheduled appointment and all now shows will incur a $50 Cancellation Penalty, plus all additional Cancellation Surcharges may apply.


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Pure Reflections Detailing Service Area

Pure Reflections services within a 25-mile radius (±5-10 miles). Not sure if you are located within our service area? CALL 1-904-518-0452 to find out.