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Our fully-equipped MOBILE detailing professions will clean and wash your vehicle at your convenience at your home or business. Available whenever! Wherever! We come to you!

Servicing Duval & St Johns counties, and surrounding areas. Just schedule your appointment. We’ll take care of the rest! You don’t need to do anything other than hand us the keys. We supply our own equipment and use only the best chemicals and products. SAVE money on auto detailing services by packaging exterior & interior detailing services together or select from our many Extras.

Why Detail?Why Detail?

Regularly washing & detailing your vehicle by an experienced detailer using professional equipment and supplies is a WISE INVESTMENT. Having your vehicle routinely washed & cleaned will enhance, protect and prolong the life & beauty of your vehicle. When performed by our Pure Reflections professionals, detailing keeps your vehicle looking newer, longer. And maintains the Pride of Ownership. This, in turn, increases your vehicle’s value, which is a MUST if you ever plan to sell it. A large portion of our clients choose to have their car, truck, boat or RV detailed when they are selling it for one simple reason: you will get more in return! A buyer of a used vehicle will pay more for a vehicle that is well maintained vs. a vehicle that looks neglected. It also helps you sell your vehicle quicker. A Pure Reflections detailing will perfect your vehicle to showroom quality.

Enjoy the thrill and pure exhilaration of driving a shiny clean vehicle! Your Reflection Is Our Business!

Recommended Detail Schedule

There is no fixed time for detailing for vehicle. It depends on various factors like how you use your vehicle and how clean you keep it. However, as a rule of thumb, we recommend a thorough vehicle exterior/interior detailing at least THREE times per year as follows:

  • LATE WINTER/EARLY SPRING: To prepare your vehicle for the summer sun/heat and clean off all the winter contaminants.
  • MID SUMMER: To protect your vehicle during the year’s most intensive heat and summer UV rays.
  • FALL: To prepare your vehicle for the cold and wet, rainy winter Florida season.

For proper maintenance in-between full details, we recommend scheduling one of our ExPress Detail Packages or a few of Pure Reflections à La Carte Services once or twice a month to help keep your vehicle looking showroom new year round (more frequently if you usually park your vehicle outside or live/work near the beach).

This detail schedule will help extend the life of your vehicle’s exterior & interior. Whether you’re looking to clean your vehicle on a budget or you want superior detailing that brings back your vehicle’s showroom finish, we have you covered.

We offer the following services:

EXTERIOR Detailing Services | INTERIOR Detailing Services | ENGINE Detailing Services

Schedule a Detailing! Our technician's expert knowledge of complete auto detailing will have your vehicle's exterior/interior looking showroom new in no time! Book your detail NOW!

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EXTERIOR Detailing Services

We offer a variety of exterior detailing services, including a FULL detail packages to quick ExPress touch ups. Our Auto Detailing Packages start at just $49, depending on your vehicle’s needs. All exterior detailing services are also featured in our à La Carte Services. Prices vary depending on the services provided, as well as the …

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INTERIOR Detailing Services

We offer a variety of interior detailing services, including a FULL Interior ONLY Detail and quick ExPress touch ups. Our Auto Detailing Packages start at just $69, depending on your vehicle’s needs. All interior detailing services are also featured in our à La Carte Services. Prices vary depending on the services included, as well as …

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ENGINE Detailing Services

Next to your paint, your engine is one of the most expensive parts of your vehicles. It may even be the reason you bought the vehicle to begin with. There are several reasons why detailing your engine is essential. The most important reason is for preventative maintenance. Often times your engine compartment collects debris such …

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Pure Reflections Detailing Service Area

Pure Reflections services within a 25-mile radius (±5-10 miles). Not sure if you are located within our service area? CALL 1-904-518-0452 to find out.